Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Luddite: Synopsis

Ethan Brunner is a young, talented veterinary assistant who has just lost his job to an android.
As he struggles to get by in a society that has seemingly cast him aside, a single bad decision sends him into a downward spiral of paranoia and madness that ultimately leads him to reject technology altogether and lead his like-minded contemporaries in a revolt against this indifferent world.
Set in a near-future Minneapolis, The Luddite tells the foreboding tale of what can happen when the forgotten and downtrodden are pushed too far.


Amelia Masbruch said...

Sounds intriguing... Also, woo, Minneapolis!
Have you finished many pages?

Bogus said...

Thanks! I'm still writing it, so I haven't finished any pages yet. I want to get the story nice and solid before I start drawing pages.

Johnny Shen said...

who's that page lookin' motha' fucka'?